About us

Formed as an Anglo-German business in 1997, McKlein specialises in World Rally Championchip photography. We aim produce high quality original photography showing the diversity and global impact of the sport of rallying as well as the dynamic skills of the World’s greatest drivers.
McKlein have invested heavily in both Rallying and Racing archives and now have many 1000’s of images dating back to the 1950’s for use.
McKlein Publishing operates as an independent specialist publisher producing a range of books, calendars and other products that showcase the photography of McKlein.

Reinhard Klein

Reinhard Klein is well-known as a Caravaggio of the stages, although some of his more surreal photos probably owe more to Picasso. His reputation is such that he needs no introduction, but what fewer people know is that he has a couple of historic rally cars himself – including an immaculate Metro 6R4 – that he drives as part of his famed “Slowly Sideways“ historic rally group. They basically do what they say on the tin, but Reinhard even finds time to take some photos while he is driving it. Reinhard formed McKlein in partnership with Colin McMaster in 1997.

Colin McMaster

Colin was born into a family passionate about motorsport. Pretty much the first piece of rally action he ever saw – as an eight-year-old – was an exuberant Jimmy McRae sliding off the road in his Vauxhall Chevette right opposite the place where the McMaster family were spectating. Another 15 years would pass before he saw a rally car driven in anger again and this time Colin was sat alongside another Colin, Jimmy’s son, doing an in-car photo shoot for Rothmans. Just like Kimi Raikkonen did once, Colin McMaster turned his back on a Formula 1 career for rallying. The rest is history.

Tony Welam

Tony is McKlein’s resident Swede, with an eye for unusual detail, an ability to secure some remarkable portrait shots, and the ability not to feel cold in temperatures that would make a polar bear freeze. He has collaborated with McKlein for several years and is a familiar sight by the side of the road on the world’s rally stages.

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