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Not only are McKlein well renowned for creating beautiful images, we are
also establishing ourselves as high quality publishers. Our huge rally wall
calendar is now in it’s 35th year and in the last 10 years we have produced
many fascinating books highlighting our extensive photographic archive. The
aim of McKlein Publishing is to produce the best book possible on each
subject we chose, with an emphasis on stunning visual content.

McKlein Rally 2021 – The Wider View

It remains the biggest and the best. It is the official calendar of the FIA World Rally Championship. Its Cinemascope format makes it a must for anyone keen on rallying. No rally fan’s home or office would be complete without „McKlein Rally 2021 – The Wider View“ with its unique photographs, all carefully selected by Reinhard Klein and Colin McMaster.

Experience the most exciting moments from the rallies that have run in 2020 plus those from last year that did not feature in the 2019 edition. These include last year’s World Champion, Ott Tänak, racing up „El Chocolate“ in Mexico chased by a long cloud of dust from his Hyundai. Then watch Toyota newcomer, Sébastien Ogier, as he negotiates the tunnels of Guanajuato, Thierry Neuville enthralling night time spectators on his way to victory in Monte Carlo, Teemo Suninen testing the flight characteristics of his Ford Fiesta, Elfyn Evans splashing through meltwater instead of snow in Sweden, and Dani Sordo turning his Hyundai into a speedboat in Turkey. And as always in the background, breath-taking vistas of stunning locations like the Maritime Alps or Swedish Värmland or the dusty heights of Central America.

As usual, „The Wider View“ brings you twenty-five stunning photographs – with a choice of two of these widescreen images every month – in a 95-centimetre-wide panoramic format. Very many of these pictures are shown here for the first time and reveal wonderful representations of the diversity and beauty of our sport – on gravel as well as on asphalt and snow, by day and by night, all over the world. Those who love rallying will also love this unique calendar.

Technical details:
Size: 95 x 48 cm
Pages: 25
Pictures: 25 (a choice between two images every month)
Extra features: spiral binding, shrink-wrapped and dispatched in a cardboard box
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Motorsport Classic 2021

Featuring the greatest hits of the 50s, 60s and 70s, the „Motorsport Classic“ calendar celebrates its twenty-first birthday this year. This classic of the retrospectives takes all motor sport fans back to days gone by when things were very different. Nevertheless, it features the roads and circuits of the World that are still famous today including the „green hell“ of the Eifel, the high speed of Monza, or the varying conditions in the Maritime Alps above Monte Carlo. Experience the heroes of yesteryear – Jochen Rindt, Walter Röhrl, Dan Gurney and John Surtees, for example, at the focal points of their careers. See them from a skilfully chosen perspective, which could be sometimes thoughtfully in the pits or sometimes in full action. This unique calendar shows prototypes and sportscars, formula racers and rally cars to recall almost the whole range of motor sports. There is an informative caption for each picture and, as always, they come in pairs with two gorgeous subjects each month making the choice difficult at times. In all, there are twenty-five photographs reproduced in the attractive 67cm by 48cm format making the perfect wall decoration for a living room, study, or garage.
Technical details:
Size: 67 x 48 cm
Number of pages: 26
Images: 25 (a choice between two images each month)
Extras: Spiral binding, shrink-wrapped and sent to you in a special cardboard box
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2021 Desktop Rally Calendar – History meets
the Present

A rally car goes past you in no time at all – roaring, scattering dust or water, drifting sideways or possibly flying low – it passes the spectators quickly and spectacularly. The „2021 Desktop Rally Calendar” offers these moments caught in a photograph, not for eternity, but for a whole year – and new possibilities every fortnight. It sits on your desk and, with its proven and stable spiral binding, makes changing subjects child’s play. As always, there are two photos to choose from every fortnight, one from the current WRC and one historic rally scene. These can be changed literally in no time at all. There is something for everyone – whether it is a Toyota Yaris WRC, Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC or Ford Fiesta WRC from the current year, or a classic shot of an Audi Quattro, Ford Escort or Lancia Stratos. Enjoy the best snapshots from the McKlein collection right on your desk with the very finest rally action plus driver studies and scenes on the side lines.
Technical details:
Size: 11.5 x 14 cm
Pages: 58
Pictures: 56 (a choice between an historic image and one from current rallying every two weeks)
Extras: Spiral binding and a purpose designed stand
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Rallying 2020 – Moving Moments

The show must go on. This well-known phrase from show business lends itself perfectly to the WRC 2020 World Rally Championship. In March, just when the Covid-19 virus began spreading rapidly throughout Europe, the WRC was in Mexico, prematurely completing round three of the season. Like all professional sport, rallying came to an immediate stop. It would be nearly six months before the WRC would recommence, with newcomers Estonia playing host to the restart. From that moment in September, the show was well and truly back on.
For many, 2020 will be THE year to try and forget, however in the World Rally Championship it turned out to be a truly memorable one. New challenges, new rallies, new rivalries and a new name at the top of the championship; Welshman Elfyn Evans was the man to catch. “Rallying 2020 – Moving Moments”, produced by McKlein Publishing is the ultimate record of this historic WRC season in words and pictures.
This year’s edition sees an editorial partnership with the dynamic duo, David Evans and Colin Clark from Dirtfish Media. Their unique texts provide a passionate view on a sport they both love, words which perfectly compliment the creative and dynamic images from McKlein. This is the art of Rally, in words and pictures, together in print.
In addition to the WRC, this book includes reviews of the WRC2, WRC3 and JWRC season as well as colourful background features that made an impact on Rallying in 2020. These include Sébastien Loeb’s farewell to WRC, Pirelli’s return to the top of the sport, Rallying in Barbados with Ken Block and how Rally Legend in San Marino really did ensure that ‘the show must go on’. This is just a taste of what’s inside “Rallying 2020 – Moving Moments” – a permanent and colourful record of a year of epic highs and lows. The 2020 edition is simply a must-have in this collectable series from McKlein.
Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing
Authors: David Evans, Colin Clark, Colin McMaster
Editor: Reinhard Klein
Format: 29.7 x 21 cm, hardcover
Pages: ca 224
Languages: English and German
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Jochen Rindt – A Champion with Hidden Depths

It is September 5th, 1970. Austria has lost a national hero. Jochen Rindt is dead. The 1965 Le Mans winner who drove his way from airfield races to Formula Two and right on to Formula One, where he was to be crowned champion posthumously, was a dazzling personality. Born in Germany and raised in Austria, he knew how to polarize relationships. The book portrays his sheltered childhood with his grandparents after he lost his parents in the war, the onset of puberty, his rapid yet stormy career, and its tragic end in Monza. This is a portrait of a champion with hidden depths.
Dr. Erich Glavitza, journalist, author, racing and stunt driver and, on top of that, a PhD in philosophy, knew Rindt well and, in his well-known relaxed manner, has painted this picture of Jochen Rindt, that is as compelling as it is insightful and sensitive. He describes Rindt’s impetuous character and the little-known, completely different relationship he had with his half-brother, with whom Glavitza spoke at length for this book. Finally, Erich Glavitza analyses in detail the fatal accident at Monza with the F1 Lotus.
This is a comprehensive study of Jochen Rindt, the man and the racing driver, which is richly illustrated with private photos and with racing pictures some of which have never been shown before. These include ones from Alois Rottensteiner, who was also close to Rindt and part of the racing scene of the 1960s and 1970s. The preface is by Bernie Ecclestone, Rindt’s manager and friend.
To mark the 50th anniversary of the racing driver’s death, McKlein is presenting this 400-page large-format biography in a noble design and slipcase.

Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing
Authors: Dr. Erich Glavitza
Format: 29 x 29 cm, hardcover in a slipcase
Pictures and illustrations: ca. 99 in colour and 304 in black-and-white images
Pages: 400
Language: English and German
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Grand Prix 1961-1965 – The 1.5 litre days in
Formula One

From January 1st, 1961, a new set of technical regulations were applied in Formula One. From that date, all the naturally aspirated engines had to be of a maximum displacement of 1.5 litres in an attempt to reduce the speeds. The power of these engines was initially about 150 bhp though, at the end of the era, this had risen to more than 220 bhp. At first the Formula One cars of that time were underestimated, which was being unfair to the achievements of the engineers and of the drivers involved. To operate these cars at their limits demanded a high level of driver skill.
Initially the British teams had opposed the new rules and thus entered the new Formula One at a technical disadvantage. Ferrari was better equipped with new 1.5 litre engines and thus the Scuderia won both the Driver and the Constructor Championships in 1961 and was able to repeat this success in 1964. Lotus was just as successful with the outstanding Jim Clark, and BRM driver Graham Hill also won the title. After the British had caught up with engines like the Climax V8, Lotus also pointed the way into the future with the Type 25, the first monocoque Formula One car.
The 1.5 litre formula saw the participation of some of the best Formula One drivers of all time with Stirling Moss, Graham Hill, John Surtees, Dan Gurney, Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart. And despite all the prophecies of doom that the „new“ Formula One would not be exciting thanks to a lack of engine power, some thrilling sport was on offer during this five-year period. These Grands Prix were also a real spectacle for the spectators, because they were very close to the action.
Jörg-Thomas Födisch, Rainer Rossbach and Nils Ruwisch reveal in this book – using many previously unpublished photographs of which most are taken from the Bernard Cahier archive – the attraction and excitement generated by the forty-seven Grands Prix that constituted the World Championships for Drivers under the 1.5-litre Formula One regulations.

Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing
Authors: Jörg-Thomas Födisch, Rainer Rossbach and Nils Ruwisch
Format: 29 x 29 cm, hardcover in a slipcase
Pictures and illustrations: ca. 220 in colour and 325 in black-and-white images
Pages: 360
Language: English and German
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312 P – One of Ferrari’s most beautiful racers

With racing cars being built mainly for performance, only few of them combine this with admirable beauty. Ferrari’s model 312 P is definitely such an example – thanks to the work of its designers Giacomo Caliri and Edmondo Casoli, but also Enzo Ferrari, who tried to stop the team adding wings or other aerodynamic additions to its beauty – even if they might have improved the car’s performance.
The 312 P was built by the Maranello company for the 1969 World Sportscar Championship and powered by a stunning 3-litre V12 engine. A short development period and a small budget led to a season of mixed results where, except in Monza and at Le Mans, only one car was sent to the races to take on all the other teams. Its official career ended when the bigger 5-litre 512 S came for the 1970 season to fight the Porsche 917s.
This book by Gianni Agnesa tells the story of the car – of which only three examples have been built – in every detail, from the very first test, through every race they did with the factory team or later when the North American Racing Team took over the cars. It gives short portraits of the drivers of the 312 P, such as Chris Amon, Mario Andretti, Pedro Rodríguez, Peter Schetty, Mike Parkes, Tony Adamowicz, Chuck Parsons or Sam Posey. The 264-page volume takes us right up today and the one example that is still used on some historic events. The large-format, high quality book produced by McKlein comes in a slipcase and is illustrated by many previously unseen images.

Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing
Authors: Gianni Agnesa
Format: 27 x 29.5 cm, hardcover
Pictures and illustrations: ca. 114 in colour and 123 in black-and-white images
Pages: 264
Language: English, Italian and German
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The Swiss Wiz: Edi Wyss – Ein Leben mit Renn-
und Sportwagen

„The Swiss Wiz“ was the nickname of Edi Wyss when he was a race mechanic in England at McLaren around 1970. The play on words sounds like „The Swiss magician“ and characterizes precisely what was most appreciated about him, his absolute mastery of technical craftsmanship and his hands-on way of quickly finding a creative solution for every problem in the racing car.
In his autobiography, Edi Wyss tells how his passion for racing and sports cars led him, at a young age, first to the Swiss racing scene and then to the international racing circus around the globe. He has experienced successes with may of the personalities with whom he worked, including Joakim Bonnier, Denny Hulme, Andrea de Adamich, Peter Gethin, Alain de Cadenet, David Weir, Gordon Johncock, Herbert Müller, Jo Marquart, Clay Regazzoni and Peter Sauber. He was deeply affected by the loss of two particularly close friends and acquaintances, Bruce McLaren and Jo Siffert. After adventurous projects as a designer of racing sports cars, he returned to the Zurich Oberland where, in the „Moschthüsli“, a converted farmer’s workshop, he created a small, very special workshop where collectors of top-class historic sports and racing cars have their valuable cars restored and looked after.
The book offers a glimpse behind the scenes of racing in the 1960s and 1970s, the booming racing scene with historic vehicles of more recent years and the business of restoring high-quality sports cars in the present day. It appeals to readers on several levels, since in a very personal style, Edi Wyss reviews his life story in four stages. As a direct participant, he can provide authentic comments on the numerous pictures, some of which are published here for the first time, often with a twinkle in his eye. From a historical perspective, informative texts describe the organisation and character of the racing disciplines in which Edi was involved. His companions contribute further, memorable episodes to the colourful hustle and bustle of the scene. His personal „tabular race diary from 1969 to 1989“ traces his assignments as a race mechanic and the list of the two hundred Ferraris who have passed through his hands at Edi Wyss Engineering complete the picture of his extraordinary career.

Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing
Authors: Edi Wyss with Christoph Ditzler
Format: 24.5 x 30 cm, hardcover
Images and documents: ca 360 in colour and 185 in black-and-white
Pages: 304
Language: German
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Rallying 2019 – Moving Moments Yearbook

We thought it couldn’t get better, but it did. The 2019 World Rally Championship will go down as a highly memorable season with a nail-biting battle for ultimate honours. The sport’s top three drivers fought intensely for the drivers’ title over 14 diverse and challenging rounds across the globe. The cars were faster than ever, the protagonists as brave as gladiators.
Relive it all through the ‘Rallying 2019 – Moving Moments’ yearbook, produced by McKlein Publishing. This year it’s bigger and better than ever, with McKlein’s best images – many of which have never been seen before – depicting all the action and beauty of the sport.
Anthony Peacock’s texts complement the photography perfectly and explain the context, while a series of insightful vignettes – often emotional, sometimes nostalgic – provide the ‘Moving Moments’ that made this season special. Longer features celebrate the year and the champion, complete with artful images that really tell the story.
Not only is this book about the WRC, but there are also reports from the European Rally Championship, as well as the German and British championships.

Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing/Verlag Reinhard Klein GbR
Authors: Anthony Peacock, Reinhard Klein, Colin McMaster
Format: 21 x 29.7 cm, hardcover
Pictures: ca. 550
Pages: ca. 270
Language: English & German
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Group A – When rallying
created road car icons

After several fatal accidents in 1986, Group B cars were banned from rallying and Group A – tuned road cars with a minimum production of 5,000 examples became the top formula in the sport. The early years saw an almost complete domination by Lancia, before Toyota became their first proper competitor. In later years, Mitsubishi, Ford and Subaru joined Toyota as key players, each with cars based on four-wheel drive, turbocharged special editions of their mass production vehicles.
The new McKlein book, “Group A – When rallying created road car icons”, covers the ten years from 1987 to 1996. It gives an overview of the major events, the leading cars and crews, the factory teams, the changes of regulations – both technical and sporting – as well as results plus many stories of incidents and occurrences. The books are lavishly illustrated with photographs from the famous McKlein archive.

Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing/Verlag Reinhard Klein GbR
Authors: John Davenport and Reinhard Klein
Format: 24.5 x 30 cm, hardcover
Pictures: ca. 450 in colour and black & white
Pages: 256
Language: English (German version available as well)
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Ford Escort – A Winnners Car

Asked to sum up the Ford Escort, Markku Alén put it in fourwords: „It’s a winner’s car.“ The front-engined, rear-wheel drive car triumphed all around the world, whether it was at the 1970 World Cup Rally, the East African Safari, in Swedish snow or on Finland’s high-speed tracks. At its home event, the RAC Rally, the Mk1 and Mk2 versions proved invincible for eight years.
But it is not only the successes of works drivers like Roger Clark, Timo Mäkinen, Hannu Mikkola, Ari Vatanen, Markku Alén or Björn Waldegård that have made the Escort so famous. The car was reliable, easy to control and almost easier to repair, and was thus the preferred car of many dozens of successful private drivers. Proof, if any were needed, was that Escorts took the first ten places at the 1973 Scottish Rally. In short, hardly any other car has influenced rallying or enjoyed as much success as the Ford Escort.
This 264-page book summarizes the complete rally history of the Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts from the first concept in 1967 to the World Championship title of 1981. Author John Davenport – the first to co-drive in the Escort at its rally debut fifty years ago – spoke to two dozen contemporary witnesses and has summarized the history of this car more comprehensively and vividly than anyone before. It describes the development in chronological order, but lightened by interesting comments and anecdotes. The texts are accompanied by more than 500 partly known and partly never-before-seen photos. They show the Escort in the legendary Boreham workshop, during test drives and, above all, in action in a wide variety of liveries.
Technical details:
Publisher: Verlag Reinhard Klein GbR
Author: John Davenport and Reinhard Klein
Foreword: Hannu Mikkola and Stuart Turner
Format: 24.5 x 30 cm, hardcover
Pages: 264
Pictures and illustrations: 350 in colour and 156 in black-and-white
Language: English and German
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Rallying 1977

The key players of the 1977 international rally season were the Fiat 131 Abarths, Ford Escort RS1800s, Lancia Stratos, Opel Kadett GT/Es, Peugeot 504 V6 Coupés and Toyota Celica 2000 GTs and this is a season that has, until now, been lacking a proper yearbook. „Rallying 1977“fills this gap perfectly. The 500-page, picture-heavy yearbook with texts by John Davenport and images from McKlein features all the WRC rounds as well as the most important ERC rounds and those counting towards the FIA Cup for Drivers. Additionally, it portrays the most important cars in photo stories. An ideal book for collectors.
Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing/Verlag Reinhard Klein GbR
Author: John Davenport & Reinhard Klein
Format: 21 x 29.7 cm, hardcover
Pages: 512
Language: English and German
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Peter Falk – 33 Years of Porsche Rennsport
and Development

Peter Falk and Porsche, 33 years of passion and devotion: As their race director and one of the leading figures in their experimental department, Peter Falk contributed significantly to the character of the sports cars from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen – both on the race track and on the road.
From the first 901 right through to the very last air-cooled Type 993, every Porsche 911 bears the signature of Peter Falk. He joined the company in 1959 and quickly rose through the ranks to head various testing departments. In the mid-sixties, Falk also took over the tactical and technical leadership of the factory’s “Rennsport” team. In 1981, he was appointed as race director and led Porsche throughout its most successful era of competition. “His” team won at Le Mans, became World Sports Car Champions, conquered the Paris-Dakar Rally, and was victorious in Formula 1 with the TAG Turbo engine. In this book, Peter Falk tells of his years with Porsche. A highly respected person in the world of engineering, he relates how it all began at Porsche – when race drivers and engineers huddled together in a shepherd’s hut at Weissach to discuss suspensions, what the Porsche crew experienced during endless testing adventures in both the Arctic Circle and the Sahara, how the race cars at Le Mans roared to the start over country roads, and how a test drive with a Porsche 908 almost cost him his life. He shares his views on every Porsche race car, from the 904 Carrera GTS to the 962C, and describes the race drivers who competed during his reign: Hans Herrmann, Jacky Ickx, Vic Elford, Derek Bell, Hans-Joachim Stuck and Jochen Mass to name just a few. Falk provides a good, long look into the inner workings of Porsche. Peter Falk shared his personal Porsche stories and fascinating insights with the author Wilfried Müller. The images in this book come from Peter Falk’s private collection, from the Porsche Historical Archive in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, and from the vast cache at McKlein Photography. Along with the contributions from former colleagues and race drivers, these images and stories give an in-depth portrayal of Peter Falk’s 33 years with Porsche.
Technical details:
Publisher: Verlag Reinhard Klein GbR
Author: Peter Falk with Wilfried Müller
Format: 24 x 30 cm, hardcover
Pages: 408
Pictures and illustrations: ca. 345 in colour and 196 in black-and-white
Language: English
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Lang Cooper – Peter Brocks
Group 7 USRRC sports car

This book is about a special car in motor sport history. It was designed by Peter Brock, famous for his work on the Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupé and the Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray. The Lang Cooper was entered in the American USRRC – United States Road Racing Championship – by no less a person than Carroll Shelby.

Underneath the modern, slick bodywork is a British-built Cooper Monaco fitted with a powerful Ford V8 engine. The car, which took its name from the sponsor Craig Lang, heir to the Olympia brewery fortune, was driven by Ed Leslie in 1964. It was later sold to Charlie Hayes in 1965 before being used in club racing and finally ending up on a scrap yard in South Carolina.

After several restorations, the car is now in the N-Anadol Collection in Switzerland and, since it is in both pristine and race-worthy condition, is being entered in several historic events by its current owner.

This book not only tells the history of the car in the USRRC right up until today, it also features the Cooper Car Company and tells the story of the creation of the King Cobra.
Technical details:
Publisher: Verlag Reinhard Klein GbR
Author: Ed Heuvink
Foreword: Peter Brock
Introduction: Bill Warner
Format: 29 x 29 cm, hardcover in a slipcase
Pages: 158
Pictures and illustrations: ca. 91 in colour and 168 in black-and-white
Language: English
Limited edition of only 999 copies
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Alan Mann Racing F3L/P68

The Ford P68 sports car is famous not because it enjoyed great success – indeed rather the opposite – but because it was a beautiful car and because it was powered by Ford’s legendary Cosworth DFV engine.

When at the end of 1967 the FIA changed its regulations for the Sports Car World Championship, Ford was left without a major title contender. Their successful seven-litre Ford GTs were no longer permitted to compete in the championship which now became exclusively for three-litre sports prototype cars. Thus Alan Mann, the person in charge of Ford’s European racing activities, saw an opportunity to build a new sports car around the DFV engine which was run successfully in Grand Prix racing.. Ford agreed and the much-respected designer, Len Bailey, created an ambitious and indisputably attractive race car.

However, from its first appearance in the Spring of 1968, the car encountered many technical set-backs including the fact that what was easy on the eye was not necessarily aerodynamically competitive with cars like the Porsche 907/908 and the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33.

This book tells the full story of the Ford P68 starting with the historic background of Ford in sports car racing, a portrait of Alan Mann Racing and the highly-successful DFV engine. Furthermore, it details the design and development phase of the P68 and its short but adventurous racing career and its after-live in historic racing.
One of the surviving P68s is now in the N-Anadol Collection in Switzerland and takes part in historic racing all over Europe. As it is in the same collection as the Ford GT 101 on which Ed Heuvink produced a previous book, the owner commissioned the writer to compose a biography of the Alan Mann car. Together with McKlein Publishing a 158 page book has been produced in line with the Ford GT 101 book.

The foreword is written by Richard Attwood, who drove the car during its short career in the late sixties as well as in several historic events some decades later, and the introduction by Henry Mann, the son of Alan Mann.
Technical details:
Author: Ed Heuvink
Foreword: Richard Attwood
Introduction: Henry Mann
Format: 29 x 29 cm, hardcover in a slipcase
Pages: 158
Pictures and illustrations: ca. 96 in colour and 123 in black-and-white
Language: English
Limited edition of only 999 copies
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Ford Escort RS1600 – Safari 1972

Rally cars do not make history every day but one that did hit the headlines was the Escort RS1600 that won the East African Safari Rally in 1972. For twenty years, the Safari had been won by drivers from within the East African community and this was despite all attempts by the European rally hierarchy to change that. Acknowledged as the World’s Toughest Rally, the Safari had attracted works teams and works drivers right through the 1960s. They had often led the rally at some point, but never won it. Incredibly, even in teams where there were European and East African drivers in equal machines, it was always a local crew that won through to victory at the finish.

In 1972, this challenge was finally overcome when Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm won the Safari in a works-prepared Escort RS1600.

The actual car that accomplished that achievement is the subject of this book. The whole story is told from Ford’s first involvement in rally sport through the creation of their own specialist competition department, and how Ford cars fared on rallies in general and on the Safari in particular. The development of the Escort from its Twin Cam beginnings through to the preparation of the works cars for the 1972 Safari is followed by a detailed account of the 1972 rally itself.

The back-story to the creation of this book is that this car, the most famous of Escort rally cars, is now in the N-Anadol Collection in Switzerland. Two cars from this unique collection of original Ford competition vehicles have been the subject of books commissioned by their owner. These have been written by the well-known Dutch author of motoring books, Ed Heuvink, and published by McKlein and now this Safari Escort book joins similar volumes on the original Ford GT101 and the Ford P68 sports car.

The original pairing from 1972 – Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm – supplied the foreword to this lavishly illustrated book.
Technical details:
Author: Ed Heuvink with John Davenport
Foreword: Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm
Format: 29 x 29 cm, hardcover in a slipcase
Pages: 158
Pictures and illustrations: ca. 80 in colour and 110 in black-and-white
Language: English
Limited edition of only 999 copies
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The Original Ford GT 101

The Ford GT with chassis number 101 might itself have had a rather unfortunately career, but it was the precursor of Ford’s winning streak at Le Mans in the late 1960s. It all began with Henry Ford II’s idea to win the world’s greatest sports car race and, when Ford’s aim to take over Ferrari failed in 1963, the US automobile giant decided it would build its own sports car. This was the birth of the legendary Ford GT. Less than a year later, Ford brought two cars to the Le Mans Test Weekend – with one of them being chassis 101. Ford had used this very first GT chassis for most of the development work and for the first official presentation of the Ford GT. But during the Le Mans test, Jo Schlesser lost control of the car and destroyed chassis 101 in an unpleasant crash. Almost fifty years later, Ford collector Claude Nahum decided to recreate this very special Ford GT. His copy is so true to the original that it was awarded the prize as the best re-creation in the 2016 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. In this large-format book, author Ed Heuvink tells the full story starting with Ford’s history in motorsport up to the GT project. He explains the role of chassis 101 in detail and reviews the 1964 racing season as well as the later successes of the GT40. Additionally, he details the re-creation of chassis 101. Illustrated with a lot of unseen images and limited to only 999 numbered copies, the book comes in a slip-case and includes a foreword by Henry Ford III, the grandson of Henry Ford II and an introduction by Richard Attwood. It is simply a fantastic addition for the collection of any Ford or sportscar enthusiast.
Technical details:
Author: Ed Heuvink
Foreword: Henry Ford III
Introduction: Richard Attwood
Format: 29 x 29 cm, hardcover in a slipcase
Pages: 158
Pictures and illustrations: 63 in colour and 140 in black-and-white
Language: English
Limited edition of only 999 copies
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Rallying 1967

1967 was a year when the sport of rallying was undergoing a change. The rallies were continuing their transformation from regularity-style events to making timed special stages the deciding factor and there was a new contender challenging the establishment. It was in 1967 that the new Porsche 911 really took the fight to the incredibly successful BMC Mini Coopers. Between them, these two teams won more than half of the events making up the European Rally Championship, but the rally results were still diverse with eleven different drivers and eight different car brands including Lancia, Ford, Renault, Saab and Wartburg scoring overall victories.
Now McKlein has produced the first-ever annual to cover this interesting rally season. Each of the sixteen rounds that were held is covered with photographs from the McKlein archive and text from John Davenport who both competed in and reported on these events. In addition, there are reports and statistics on the year’s major non-championship international rallies, some of which were founder members of the World Rally Championship when it was created in 1973. Plus there is coverage of the “Rally That Never Was”, the cancelled RAC Rally of 1967.
With 378 pages of photographs, texts, statistics and memorabilia from the rallies of 1967, this annual which is being produced in a very limited quantity will transport you back to an exciting period when rallying rapidly started to increase in stature.
Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing/Verlag Reinhard Klein GbR
Author: John Davenport & Reinhard Klein
Format: 21 x 29.7 cm, hardcover
Pages: 378
Language: English
Pictures and illustrations: ca. 67 in colour and 223 in black-and-white plus more than 100 historic documents
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Details – Legendary sports cars up close – 1965-1969

Ferrari 330 P4, Ford GT40, Chaparral 2D, Porsche 917, Mirage M1, BMW Monti, Abarth, Alpine, Lola, Maserati, Matra, Serenissima – every one of these sports cars and prototypes is a legend today. In the sixties, they epitomised the ultimate frontier of what was technically possible – and what at times proved impossible. In the quest for critical tenths of seconds the number of horses grew to unimagined dimensions. Aerodynamics became the catchcry, with engineers inventing some formidable tricks in the wind tunnels. Tubular frames, monocoques and even brake discs were created from increasingly exotic materials.The mission was the World and European Championships at famed races like Le Mans and Daytona as well as the classics at Monza, Spa, on the Nürburgring and in the mountains.This book delves into the details of more than 60 exceptional race cars that tackled the World Sportscar Championship and the explosive sprints of the European Hill Climb Championship between 1965 and 1969. From the Abarth 1600 OT to the Porsche 917, they all reveal their stories embellished by almost 400 by now largely unpublished photos. “Details – Legendary sports cars up close” is a declaration of love to these automotive treasures and their extreme technologies that are revealed by taking a very close look under the aluminium or plastic bodies.
Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing / Verlag Reinhard Klein GbR
Author: Wilfried Müller
Format: 29 x 29 cm, hardcover in a slipcase
Pictures: ca. 70 in colour and 265 in black-and-white
Pages: 400
Language: English & German
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Jim Clark – Racing hero

Though it is fifty years since he gained his two Formula 1 World Championship titles, the interest in Jim Clark has not waned. The Scotsman is still regarded as one of the best Grand Prix drivers ever. Even during his first motor races on old airfields in Scotland, Clark’s incredible skill behind the wheel was already evident and, from then on, his professional career only took an upward turn.Just four years after his first motor race, Clark climbed onto the podium at Le Mans and made his Formula 1 debut driving a Lotus. In the decade that followed, Clark and his mentor, Colin Chapman, conquered the very pinnacles of single-seater racing with Clark winning the F1 World Championship twice and the Indy 500 once. All in all, he claimed more than one hundred victories at the wheel of a Lotus.This 400-page book from McKlein does not just tell the story of Clark’s extraordinary racing career, it also portrays his personal life from A to Z. Author Graham Gauld followed the career of the Scotsman right from its very beginning. He has filled the roles of friend, photographer and reporter, and thus spent innumerable hours with Clark. For this book, Gauld has replayed his old audio tapes and selected his best photographs from those days. In addition to that, this lavishly illustrated book contains many rare images from various well-known archives thus helping to complete an intimate portrait of a true sporting champion.
Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing / Verlag Reinhard Klein GbR
Foreword: Kurt Ahrens
Author: Graham Gauld
Format: 29 x 29 cm, hardcover in a slipcase
Illustrations: 72 in colour, 253 in B&W
Pages: 400
Language: English & German
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Jacky Ickx – Mister Le Mans, and much more

Very few drivers have competed in sports car racing, Formula One and rally-raids and even fewer have been successful in all three. In a motor sport career spanning some forty years, Jacky Ickx has never failed to surprise whether it be behind the wheel of a 200 mph Porsche 956 at Le Mans or a Formula One Ferrari, or even in a Mercedes G-Wagen on the Paris-Dakar.This comprehensive account of the career of Jacky Ickx takes us from his first races with Ford Lotus Cortinas and Mustangs through to his Formula One career where he drove, among others, for Ferrari, Brabham and Lotus. It covers his amazing record of six outright wins at the Le Mans 24 Hours – hence the nickname of ‚Mister Le Mans‘ – and many other endurance sports car races with Ford and Porsche. Finally, it deals with his success with Mercedes, Porsche, Peugeot and Citroën on desert events like Paris-Dakar.The 256-page book also features over 200 photographs of Ickx’s career from the McKlein archive, the majority of which have not previously been published. There is also testimony from many of his contemporaries – including team-mate Mario Andretti – to the ability of this Belgian star.
Technical details:
Publisher: McKlein Publishing / Verlag Reinhard Klein GbR
Foreword: Mario Andretti
Author: Ed Heuvink
Format: 24.5 x 30 cm, hardcover
Illustrations: 110 in colour, 115 in B&W
Pages: 256
Language: English & German
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Group 2 – The genesis of world rallying

After featuring the legendary eras of Group B and Group 4 rallying, McKlein Publishing has now dedicated a book to the early years of the sport. “Group 2 – The genesis of world rallying” is a comprehensive review of the 1950s and 1960s. Then rallying was a big adventure, capable of capturing the imagination and enthusiasm of a Europe that was rediscovering its romance with the motorcar. Rallies like the Monte Carlo, the Liège-Rome-Liège, the Acropolis, the RAC and the Rallye des Alpes were the jewels in the diadem of the sport. And new challenges arose like the East African Safari, the 1000 Lakes and the Tour de Corse.All these events tested the crews that entered them to the very limits of speed and endurance. If the cars were less sophisticated than those we are familiar with in the 21st century, the skills to drive them quickly were perhaps of a higher order. Certainly the stars of rallying from the period of this book are still well-known names sixty years later – for example, Erik Carlsson, Timo Mäkinen, Paddy Hopkirk, Eugen Böhringer, Jean-Pierre Nicolas and Pat Moss. The same applies to the legendary cars that changed the sport such as the Mercedes 220SEb, Mini Cooper, Porsche 911, Lancia Fulvia and Alpine-Renault A110.“Group 2 – The genesis of world rallying” is the first complete review of the sport in the period 1946 to 1972. Over 256 pages, author John Davenport, who was part of that era as a co-driver and journalist, tells the story of the evolution of a sport from being largely something for amateurs to one that was fully professional. It was a time of growth, excitement and adventure and is covered here by comprehensive annual reviews, interesting features – such as a report on the great long distance rallies of that era – and results from all rounds of the European Championship and the International Championship for Makes. All this is accompanied by the greatest McKlein images from that era.Technical details:

Authors: John Davenport and Reinhard Klein

Format: 24,5 x 30 cm, Hardcover

Photos: 419

Number of pages: 256

Texts: English

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McRae, just Colin

Colin McRae, the 1995 World Rally Champion, was the most spectacular rally
driver. His natural speed and win-or-bust approach made him the favourite
of rally fans worldwide. The word McRae became superfluous in the end,
Colin was… just Colin. On rally stages, the words: „Colin’s coming?“ meant
one thing – the spectators looked longer, harder and took a cautious step
backwards, just in case. Colin drove for a variety of top teams including
Ford, Citroën, Ferrari, Nissan and Skoda. However this flying-Scotsman is
best remembered for his exploits in blue and yellow Subarus. Away from
driving, Colin brought rallying to a younger generation as the figurehead
of a successful computer game bearing his name. Colin McRae had two well
known sayings, one being: „If in doubt, flat out“ and the other: „We’re
here for a good time, not a long time.“ Sadly the latter became all too
true, when on September 15, 2007 the 39-year-old Scot was killed instantly
in a helicopter accident.This book details the real Colin McRae, from his humble beginnings to global
fame through world championship success. It explains his natural talent,
flamboyant driving style and epic wins as well as his rivalries, friendships
and spectacular crashes. This book uncovers every aspect of Colin’s
character, with a collection of personal stories, told by family and friends
who knew him best. And there are the previously untold stories, like the
time Prince William asked to meet the Scot. Just Colin provides a rare
insight into McRae’s infectious personality. McKlein Photography, and in
particular another Colin [McMaster], worked closely with McRae throughout
his rally career. The best of McKlein’s photo archive has been used to
lavishly illustrate all these fascinating stories. Much of the private and
behind-the-scenes photography shown in this book has never previously been
published.Technical details:Authors: Colin McMaster & David Evans

Foreword: Alister McRae

Format: 24,5 x 30 cm

Number of pages: 256

Pictures: 332 in colour and 9 black-and-white

Texts: English

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Targa Florio – 1953-1973

The Targa Florio occupies a unique place in the history of motor sport. It
was the sheer challenge of racing in some of the world’s fastest sport cars
on the narrow mountain roads of Sicily that has ensured the Targa Florio an
honoured place in motor racing’s unofficial Hall of Fame.Held for the first time in 1906, it was in 1955 that the Targa Florio
became a round of the World Sportscar Championship and that same year it
was won by Stirling Moss and Peter Collins in a works Mercedes 300 SLR. Up
until the last race was held in 1977, famous names such as Wolfgang Graf
Berghe von Trips, Hans Herrmann, Graham Hill, Vic Elford, Brian Redman and
Jo Siffert were winners on the Italian island and, for car marques such as
Porsche or Ferrari, it was one of the highlights of the season.In this new 400-page, large format book from McKlein Publishing, author Ed
Heuvink takes the reader back to re-live the post-war action in this amazing
race with the help of hundreds of photographs taken from the archives of
Bernard Cahier, LAT and McKlein. In addition to the year-by-year reports
from 1955 to 1973 there is an A-to-Z of iconic cars, places, drivers and
unique features of the Targa – like the practice on open roads. All these
are presented with unique large-format photographs including many colour
images going right back to 1955. Short, informative texts also explain the
specialities of the event and some of the old heroes share their memories.
The foreword is by Nino Vaccarella – the ‚Professor‘ – a schoolmaster from
Palermo who won the Targa Florio on three occasions (1965, 1971 and 1975)
and is a true Targa Florio hero.Technical details:

Foreword: Nino Vaccarella

Author: Ed Heuvink

Pictures: McKlein, LAT & Bernard Cahier

Format: 29 x 29 cm, hardcover in a slipcase

Pages: 400

Language: English, German, Italian

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24h Nürburgring – Die Geschichte der ersten 40 Rennen

Twenty-four hours at full speed on the Green Hell – every year, this unique
challenge lures some hundreds of thousands of motor sport fans to the
Nürburgring. No other motor sport event attracts as many drivers and
spectators as does the 24 Hours Nürburgring on the Nordschleife. Since its
creation in 1970, the race has been marked by contrasts: young drivers
against older ones, professionals against amateurs, and touring cars against
sports cars. And dialled into those equations is the unpredictable and
unforgiving weather of the Eifel. This endurance race on the most beautiful
and the most difficult circuit in the World occasionally discovered new
rising stars, but also shattered the dreams of many others. But for sure,
those 24 hours were never boring.This official book covers the complete history of the 24 Hours Nürburgring,
from its first race in 1970, to the latest one in 2012. The authors of the
book are well-known in motor sport publishing. Wilfried Müller and Jörg
Ufer describe the evolution of the most popular race in Germany, from its
creation to what it is today. They tell fascinating inside stories of the
race and feature the drivers who helped to make this race a true legend,
men like Volker Strycek, Walter Röhrl, or Olaf Manthey and his incredible
team. Furthermore, this lavishly illustrated book also contains the complete
results of the forty races held since the creation of the event.Technical details:Authors: Wilfried Müller and Jörg Ufer

Format: 23.5 x 31.5 cm, hardback

Illustration: ca. 600 in colour and B&W

Pages: 304

Language: German

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Toivonen – Finlands fastest family

When rally fans hear the name Toivonen, they immediately think of
breathtaking performances and glorious victories. But it is also hard to
forget the accident on the 1986 Tour de Corse that took the lives of Henri
Toivonen and his co-driver Sergio Cresto and which eventually brought Group
B rallying to an end. Henri was one of the most exceptional rally drivers
in history. His inspiring performances in the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, Opel
Ascona 400, Porsche 911 SCRS and Lancia Rally 037 are all well-remembered.
But it was the Lancia Delta S4 that really showcased Henri’s ability with
victories in the RAC and Monte Carlo rallies, the latter twenty years after
his father’s own triumph in the Principality.This book tells the fascinating story of the Toivonen family in rallying
and racing. It starts with father Pauli’s heroic drives in the 1950s and
1960s, including winning the European Rally title of 1968 at the wheel of a
Porsche 911. It moves on to include the first exploits of the next
generation on frozen lakes right up to the contrasting careers and fortunes
of Henri and brother Harri in motor sport. Author Esa Illoinen immersed
himself deeply in the Toivonen family history and spoke to innumerable
friends and witnesses of those days. Amongst them were with Pauli’s widow,
Ulla, Henri’s widow, Erja, and even Henri’s 95-year old English teacher.
The result is an intimate and touching portrait of Finland’s fastest family,
wonderfully illustrated by the best images from the inexhaustible McKlein
archive.Technical details:Author: Esa Illoinen

Photography: Reinhard Klein / McKlein

Format: 24.5 x 30 cm, hardcover

Pages: ca. 224

Languages: English & German

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Walter Röhrl – Aufschrieb Evo 2

Walter Röhrl, the double World Rally Champion of 1980 and 1982, is still
today one of the most famous sportsmen in Germany. His name is forever
associated with rallying and exciting cars like the Audi Sport Quattro E2.
For the last twenty years or more he has been representing and working as
test driver for Porsche. The best selling edition of „Walter Röhrl –
Aufschrieb“ from 2002 told the full story of the prodigiously successful
driver from Regensburg. Now Röhrl and his co-author, Wilfried Müller, have
reworked and adapted that edition.“Walter Röhrl – Aufschrieb Evo 2″ has a completely new layout with more
than 40% of new texts and 90% of new pictures. It also contains new chapters
containing stories as retold by key figures in his competition career like
Christian Geistdörfer, Dieter Basche and Karl-Heinz Goldstein. The new
edition also has a 16-page chapter that includes reproductions of original
documents from the Sanremo Rally 1985 – the sole victory of the monstrous
Audi Sport Quattro E2 that came in the hands of Walter Röhrl. This upgraded
and almost new edition of Walter Röhrl’s biography is for sure something
that every fan of Röhrl and of motor sport will treasure.Technical details:Authors: Walter Röhrl & Wilfried Müller

Photographs: Reinhard Klein / McKlein

Format: 24 x 30 cm, Hardcover

Pages: 272

Illustrtaions: 224 colour and 112 black-and-white images, plus 31 original

Language: German

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Group 4 – From Stratos to Quattro

Most rally fans still have fond memories of the 70s. It was a time when
heroes like Walter Röhrl, Sandro Munari, and Markku Alén were driving in
full drifts with opposite lock and when the Stratos filled whole ralleys
with its unique sound. The great years of Group 4 supremacy were
spectacular, adventurous and especially diverse. A dozen or so manufacturers
built cars that were able to win WRC rallies.Group 4 saw sports cars like Alpines and Porsche 911s compete against
saloons like the Ford Escort, Opel Kadett or Fiat 131 until finally the
revolutionary Quattro came and took rallying to the next level. In the book
„Group 4 – From Stratos to Quattro“, authors John Davenport and Reinhard
Klein describe the history of these legendary rally cars, they review the
first WRC years from 1973 to 1982 and tell some of the stories from that
wild and tough era.Technical details:Authors: John Davenport and Reinhard Klein

Format: 24,5 x 30 cm

Photos: 278 in colour and 119 in black and white

Number of pages: 256

Language: English

A german version of this book is also available:
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Group B – The rise and fall of rallyings wildest cars

A proven content presented in a new guise: The new edition of this standard
work comes in the smaller format of 24.5 x 30cms and with just one language
per book. This gave the authors Reinhard Klein and John Davenport the chance
to include even more fascinating images from rallying’s wildest period when
limits were seemingly non-existent. To this day, many fans still consider
Group B to be the epitome of madness on wheels. Never since that era have
engineers had such enormous freedom to create extreme rally cars as they did
during that fantastic period of the early 1980s.This book tells the story of all the cars developed within Group B, from the
Quattros to the outstanding Lancias and Peugeots and to the exotic sports
cars from Porsche and Mazda. But all the technical development came to a
head in the year 1986, when the euphoria somehow turned into an ungovernable
risk. The mischief of engineers, rally organisers, motor sport politicians
and fans led to tragic accidents that finally resulted in Group B cars being
banned from international rallies.John Davenport, rally-journalist and author of several books on rallying,
experienced this era first-hand, as he was Motorsport Director of Austin
Rover at the time. His comprehensive knowledge takes the reader on a journey
into the fascinating world of these hi-tech rally cars and offers an
authoritative insight into the power struggles going on behind the scenes.

The book is filled with photographs from the archive of well known
rally-photographer Reinhard Klein. They show to best effect the technical
details of the cars, the slightly crazy ambiance of the time as well as
plenty of action from the special stages.Technical details:

Authors: John Davenport and Reinhard Klein

Format: 24,5 x 30 cm

Photos: 465 in colour and 20 in black-and-white

Number of pages: 256

Language: English

A german version of this book is also available:
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Group B – The Owner’s Edition

For us, working on the „Owner’s Edition“ means unconditional dedication to
the subject matter and will result not just in another Group B book, but in
the „ultimate“ one. Our goal is to let you immerse yourself as deeply into
the world of Group B as we do right now.What about the fascination of these dangerous days and crazy stories from
an era when anything was possible: Did you know that Audi was planning a
direct refuelling system for the Safari Rally using a light aircraft,
similar to the US air force system, just to avoid having to actually stop
for fuel? What about the chassis numbers, how many of each car was really
made, and where were they used? Why did a few people get very rich from
Group B and a few went to jail? We try to bring the true stories to light.The authors will be the best journalists and photographers in each country
telling the stories which only now, twenty years later, can be told and
showing things you have never seen before. Our McKlein archive alone has so
much unpublished shots from that era, that pictorially this book will be
totally unique. We also want to show you those Group B cars with which you
are unfamiliar and present images of all Group B cars on large pages in a
BIG format so that you can see all the detail.

This will be the ultimate book for the people who like these cars, or who
restore or collect them, and want to know and see more about Group B
rallying. For these people we plan to make the „Owner’s Edition“ – a book
without any compromise or limitations.Technical details:

1.008 pages (2×504 pages), 568.647 words

2 volumes in a high-quality slip case

book cover in linen and leather

extra thick, high quality, semi-gloss paper

each volume will be individually numbered on an engraved aluminium plate

dimensions: 36 x 36 x 14.5 cms

total weight: 12 kgs

3106 pictures, 376 statistics and 210 original documents and drawings

texts in English and German

limited to 500 numbered copies worldwide

each book is hand-signed by Hannu Mikkola, Stig Blomqvist, Timo Salonen,
Juha Kankkunen, Walter Röhrl, Markku Alén and the authors John Davenport and
Reinhard Klein

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